The Bae with Jamaican & British roots and passion to inspire others to make changes and start feeling better about themselves inside and out naturally!

Where to begin?! Exhale...

OK The start would be ideal.


Jungle Bae was born bathing in Himalayan salt and dried petals. Sounds boujee but my way of coping with trauma and stress was literally this regime every day. I would go to the international supermarket to purchase a bag of pink salt and use dried flower petals that I found in nature AHA! cheaper than therapy! I wanted to empower myself after sexual, racial, emotional and physical abuse.

It was a certain "Cactus" (the Nicer name for P**ck) that referred to me as Mowgli from jungle book as a racial slur during a music industry event!

That was a massive wake up call to me, not only was that particular part of the industry I was in the opposite of what feels good, it was also full of extreme toxic vibes! Not good for Jungle bae.

So... After many recording sessions and long nights of house parties full of people destroying themselves I decided enough is enough. I never drank another alcoholic beverage or picked up another cigarette again. 

Taking back my power and literally ready to give birth to this new phase so to speak I decided to name myself and the brand                  (again whilst sitting in the bath)! 

As of now my 4-year LOVE of plant-based yummy food, organic beauty products, and nature has big-time changed my life for the better! It has taken time though, Lots of prayers & tears, self-care, and good long forest walks. 

There are exciting things to look forward to in this part of life's journey! 

I'm so looking forward to sharing my blog posts with you and soon products!

I really want YOU to know that no matter what is happening around you love yourself.

Let's start with healing the INNER! 


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